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Cu  In well-ventilated soils, copper is absorbed in the form of Cu2 +, while in wet and dry soil, it is absorbed in the form of Cu +.Cu2+ is close to the root surface in the form of chelates that form several compounds in the soil.copper is a component of quality blue, it is involved in photosynthetic electron transfer, it has an important role in photosynthesis. Also copper can improve the ability of potatoes against late blight, so sprayed copper sulfate on the prevention and treatment of the disease have a good effect.

Plants lack of copper, the leaves grow slowly, showing blue and green, young leaves lack of green, followed by the spot, the last death off. In addition, the lack of copper will lead to the degradation of the structure of the blade fence, the formation of cavities below the pores, so that even in the water supply is also sufficient because of excessive transpiration and wilting.

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    Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate

    Product: Copper Sulphate(硫酸铜) Click Rate: 1852
    Copper sulphate pentahydrate, blue crystal, also called blue vitriol, soluble in water. Widely used in agriculture as fertilizer fungicides insecticides electroplating industry hardware industry feed addictive.
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